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About Us

About Us

Who we are

CNIguard is a high technology firm delivering infrastructure protection and asset management solutions to the energy, electricity, water, transportation and other vital sectors.

In an era of Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), through our SensorCore® platform, CNIguard solutions enable grid modernization.

Our devices that include Sentir (Manhole Monitoring System), GasMarshal (Gas Monitoring System), InDetect (Intrusion Detection System) and OverLine (Overhead Line Monitoring System), are embedded into transmission and distribution networks and comprise diverse sensors in a ruggedized design, with long life battery or power harvesting, and simple, rapid installation.


Our products provide real-time monitoring of vital national infrastructure to detect, safeguard and prevent human interference (such as vandalism or theft) or disruptive acts of nature resulting in cost-effective solutions and considerable savings in minimizing damage.

Data can be used for preventive maintenance and early detection of problems; improving efficiency and effectiveness of the infrastructure; and monetization of data that our solutions collect.

Our products enable linking numerous independent sensors into a single coherent system via our SensorLink gateway.


Communications over cellular, radio, satellite or other available networks, encrypted and two-way enabling over-the-air updates.

Data storage and management including a dashboard, collection and validation of raw data, reporting, query drilldown, forecasting events, analyzing patterns, and optimizing operations.

Enabling decisions to manage maintenance or repair operations, deploy emergency services, balance loading and proactively communicating with stakeholders.

Benefits accruing from reduced capital and operating costs, lower risks due to enhanced safety, fewer outages and events, optimized network planning.

Key facts

Headquarters in UK and USA

Worldwide patents in force and pending

ISO 9001:2015

FCC certified products

Approved for UK Government Use

Installed base of thousands of devices

Bluechip customers including utilities and infrastructure operators

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