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Our end to end smart solutions deliver perpetual connectivity of utility assets enabling the monitoring, maintenance and monetization of infrastructure networks.

Increasing urbanization, grid complexity, legacy infrastructure, rising power demands and growing distributed generation resources are resulting in operational challenges to utility and infrastructure operators. Our edge sensoring devices minimize the total cost of owning and operating infrastructure assets, while continuously delivering the service levels customers demand, at an acceptable level of risk. All devices are embedded with Sensorcore technology delivering analytics at the edge improving equipment uptime and efficiency.

In addition, the data transmitted from different utility assets such as powerlines and manholes by our devices is collected, stored, validated, analyzed and delivered in real time as an end-to-end service. The combined insights from the edge and the cloud drive a spectrum of business, engineering and scientific value for utilities and cities. The benefits for electricity, water, gas, transport, communications and other infrastructure: increased productivity and quality, enhanced service levels, increased network capacity, improved troubleshooting and safety, and streamlined maintenance.

Critical challenges, smart solutions


MANITOR, our Manhole Monitoring System mitigates the risks from stray/contact voltage and exploding manhole covers.


INDETECT, our Intrusion Detection System protects critical infrastructure including electricity substations, water reservoirs and gas pipelines.


OVERLINE, our Overhead Line Monitoring System monitors the integrity of overhead conductors and poles used to distribute electricity.


Sensorcore - The heart of our smart sensoring systems

SENSORCORE® is our embedded platform enabling the convergence of operational technology with information technology.

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