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SensorCore. The future-proof IIOT platform. Discover more Sensing the future SensorEdge logo Monitoring manholes, enclosures, vaults and more. Discover more Monitor sensors remotely through an intelligent dashboard. SensorView demo

Smart sensoring systems for the Industrial Internet of Things

Keep electricity flowing, gas networks safe, and water and wastewater secure

Help maintain, repair and upgrade the infrastructure networks to increase efficiency and resiliency

Increase levels of both physical and data security to create a hostile environment for hackers and saboteurs

Improve the environment, sustainability and commitment to renewables as part of your business continuity plan

Infrastructure solutions for improved efficiency, safety and security

The smooth and continuous operation of transmission and distribution networks is critical in delivering your customer-centric service, but the unexpected can derail the best-laid plans. Dislodged manhole covers, manhole events or even manhole explosions can disrupt the network; even insignificant minor events may cause cover dislodgements requiring an engineer’s physical attendance to site.

Major events may be relatively rare occurrences but they attract attention, can be costly to repair both the internal and external damage, and could even result in public injury or death, and the associated litigation.

But the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and specifically Industry 4.0 – taking computerized automation and adding smart, autonomous systems driven by data and machine learning – has the power to deliver smarter, more sustainable management of utility transmission and distribution networks. And that’s where CNIguard comes in.

Our ruggedized sensoring systems communicating securely with a sophisticated cloud-based platform, SensorCore, provide an end-to-end smart solution delivering ‘always on’ connectivity of critical utility assets.

World-class expertise

This perpetual connectivity enables the monitoring, maintenance and monetization of your infrastructure networks.

Deploying Sentir manhole monitoring, you can monitor levels of accumulating gases emanating from degrading cable insulation as a result of overheating, and water and salinity levels caused by heavy rain, flooding and road salting which can cause cable fires, and all from a central control panel back at base or your smartphone.

Infrared (IR) camera technology means you can see, in real time, what’s happening within the manhole, pipe or confined space so predictive maintenance can be scheduled to prevent potentially dangerous manhole events from ever happening.

CNIguard is working with some of the biggest global energy-delivery companies and partnering with some of the world’s best technology companies, industry thought leaders, manufacturers, investors, connectivity providers and research hubs to help inform our critical infrastructure and asset management solutions.

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Monitor, connect and analyze your data in an all-in-one IIOT platform

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