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Monitoring assets, identifying problems

SensorView, the cloud-based UI, monitors all edge devices within its network. The platform is designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS). The platform provides a dynamic graphical view of real-time data ingestion and reporting for operational support. The dashboard is powered by the SensorCore® PaaS.  The IoT platform has editable rule based warning and alerting functionality. The control room feature offers a virtual monitoring facility from anywhere in the world. The user-friendly system enables the alerts, alarm and threat level notifications to warn of potential problems and to implement actionable insight. The location-based services API integration to Google-maps highlights the edge device network location on a geographical map view with alarms and alerts.


  • Accessible on web and mobile
  • Edge device network connectivity and management
  • Data reports and instant graphs
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Data extracts
  • Device services including provision, activation and upgrades


  • Actionable insight
  • Perpetual connectivity
  • Real-time monitoring/alerting
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Virtual inspections
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Data monetization

For a demo of the SensorView dashboard, please complete the form below. For a full feature demo call us now to find out more.

For a demo of the SensorView dashboard, please complete the form below.