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Connecting your products with ours

SensorLink is a state-of-the-art Gateway as a Service (GaaS). SensorLink enables the seamless connection of CNIguard and/or third party devices (e.g. crabs, generators, sensors) to CNIguard gateway products (e.g. Sentir), delivering data fusion from multiple edge devices into the SensorCore® IoT platform.


  • Intelligent mix of hardware, firmware, interoperable communication and operating system
  • Store and forward mechanism over SensorCore® transport network
  • M2M communication using various protocols: Zigbee, Thread [Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Open Mobile Alliance’s LWM2M standards], Bluetooth
  • On request, CNIguard can build serial interfaces for 3rd party devices


  • Affordable and seamless integration of disparate edge devices and sensors into a common IoT platform

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