Sensorcore as a Service

Manage all of your monitoring tasks with our hosted platform

The Challenge

Knowledge is power and never has that been more relevant than for today’s utility companies. Data gathered from transmission and distribution infrastructure enable more informed decision-making and deployment of resources – monitoring usage to determine future requirements, planning deployment of current resources and prioritizing areas of future investment and ultimately minimizing the total cost of owning and operating infrastructure assets.

Upgrading aging utility infrastructure is a priority worldwide along with a need for increased energy efficiency. This accounts for the predicted rapid growth of the global utility asset management market to over $4 billion by 2022.

The SaaS Advantage

SaaS (Sensorcore as a Service) facilitates remote application hosting and delivery with simple application access via a dashboard. SaaS customers have no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update. Access to applications is simple and straightforward via an internet connection.

Our Sensorcore proprietary embedded technology platform monitors all the sensors within its network and, through a system of algorithms, is able to determine and warn of actual threats versus natural or other disturbances (such as road or rail vibrations or heavy rain), and early warnings of potential problems such as a build up of gases, cable sag or other infrastructure degradation.

Sensorcore as a Service in Action

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Data from our smart sensoring devices are transmitted via the communications network (cellular, radio, IP, satellite) and validated on a continuous basis to determine a real threat from a false alarm. Automated analytics determines what action could or should be taken, why something happened, what could potentially happen in the near future and what lessons can be learned. Two way communication ensures the deployed devices are always up to date with firmware upgrades and operator customized settings. In this way Sensorcore drives scalable, dynamic and proactive asset management.

We are offering Sensorcore as a Service on an annual license accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. A user-friendly dashboard provides an interface to the environment for utility companies and those engaged in Utility Asset Management to monitor and analyze data. High levels of security and data encryption are in place to ensure any data transmitted from or received by the sensoring devices remains protected. Our dashboard can also be integrated with third party control, alarm and monitoring systems.


  • Real-time data is available 24/7
  • All data is encrypted for cyber resilience
  • Highly reliable and proven technology
  • Enhanced service levels


  • Low initial costs – no up-front investment in hardware or software
  • Painless upgrades
  • Seamless integration
  • Cost-effective
  • Enhanced operator and public safety
  • Analytics to achieve grid and resource optimization

For more technical details on our SaaS (Sensorcore as a Service) please complete the form below, or call us to speak with one of our team.

Effective critical infrastructure security calls for a wide range of protective measures to deal with current and evolving security issues from cyberattacks to terrorism. Given the likely outcomes if such infrastructure is disrupted, the pressure on governments, owners and operators to make the right security choices is extremely high.

Tim Compston, Security News Desk