Future-proof IIOT platform

Sensorcore’s unique capabilities

SENSORCORE®  is the intelligence engine embedded into all our edge devices delivering the highest level of performance in the most hostile operating environments.

SENSORCORE’s hardware and software platform delivers an array of critical safety and security applications by integrating commercially-available sensors and communication infrastructure to create a suite of product solutions including:

MANITORManhole Monitoring System

INDETECTIntrusion Detection System

OVERLINEOverhead Line Monitoring System

SENSORCORE’s flexible, modular platform enables it to evolve as your priorities change and as new sensors are developed and launched to market: a totally future-proof investment.

Sensorcore in Action


  • Wireless or wired
  • Multiple sensors – seismic, contact, flooding, gas, temperature
  • Sequential verification to filter out environmental conditions
  • Detection analysis independent of neighboring detectors
  • Variable frequency wireless communication
  • Ruggedized design for all-weather, all-terrain and hostile environments
  • Suitable for security, environment, quality and safety applications
  • Flexible, adaptable system to meet changing priorities
  • Rapid deployment


  • Wireless for remote monitoring
  • No power requirement
  • Determine actual threat from environmental or nuisance activity
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Eliminates human error
  • Minimizes cost of manpower

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