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Our entry-level manhole monitoring system

The Problem

Wastewater surcharges occur if sewers become overloaded with storm rainwater or fast melting snow. Service pits provide a discharge point for the excess water. Surcharges can lead to flooding, therefore it is beneficial to identify where and when these occur. Additionally, network capacity can be forecasted and alerts delivered to warn of overflows, schedule maintenance and future capacity optimization.

Deliberate removal or theft of manhole covers remains an industry problem, exposing infrastructure to tampering and safety issues associated with unprotected & exposed entry points in public spaces. Knowledge of cover displacement is beneficial to respond to events, whether malicious or accidental.

The Solution

Sentir S is our entry-level Manhole Monitoring System, based on proven sensoring capabilities using commercially available off-the-shelf sensors and LTE-4G communications technology from the Sentir SX range of products. Signals are transmitted securely from the embedded device to the SensorView™ dashboard on a phone, laptop or other platform. Mounting of the device is normally to the underside of a manhole cover. The battery powered design incorporates an accelerometer to detect cover displacement or removal and a float sensor to give early warning of potential flooding or surcharge events.


  • Detects manhole cover opening/removal and manhole intrusion
  • Warns of impending flooding or surcharge
  • Battery powered
  • 8 years maintenance-free operation
  • Submersible to 3 feet/1 metre for 7 days
  • LTE Cellular communication
  • Simple & rapid installation
  • Cloud based monitoring and reporting platform with powerful analytics


  • Prevents manhole events such as intrusion & vandalism
  • Monitoring of wastewater levels that could lead to flooding or surcharge
  • Ruggedized to operate in harsh environments
  • Adaptable to multiple shapes, sizes of covers
  • 24 x 7 monitoring service available

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