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Maintaining the Integrity of Electrical Distribution

The Problem

Almost every aspect of production requires electricity. Electricity is also necessary to produce other forms of energy. If a widespread or long-term disruption of the power grid were to occur, many of the activities critical to the economy and national defense would be impossible.

High voltage conductor cables may sag within reach of the public or general infrastructure due to faulty, aged or broken insulators or fixtures. Rotten or damaged poles may also allow cables to sag, remaining live and presenting serious and potentially fatal danger to the public. Gale force or high winds and inclement weather can also adversely affect overhead power lines, potentially resulting in devastating wildfires.

The Solution

OverLine, our Overhead Line Monitoring System (OHLMS) monitors the integrity of overhead conductors and poles used to distribute electricity. Scalable across vast distances, the OHLMS reduces exposure of both public and operators to danger, while improving standards of distribution performance with a faster response to attend site.

OverLine will alert line sag beyond the safe limit, pole tilt beyond acceptable limits, line detachment, deflection of line due to contact by machinery such as a cherry picker or crane, or deflection of the line due to contact with trees or branches.

OverLine in action


  • Real time fault detection and location
  • Wireless, self-powered sensor technology
  • Measure cable sag and pole tilt for early detection of possible failures
  • Determine excessive sag or breakage due to damaged or failed insulators
  • Detect theft of cable sections
  • Reporting latency of less than 30 seconds
  • Automatic circuit breakers remove power from the conductors if a short circuit caused by foreign objects becoming entangled in the overhead lines occurs
  • Multiple communications interfaces supported, including SMS and email alerts


  • Early warning of impending infrastructure failure
  • Reduces risk to public safety and power outage times
  • Cable theft alerts
  • Ensures continuous operation and safety

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