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Protecting and Securing Critical Infrastructure

The Problem

The threat to critical infrastructure (CI) is growing, and there is little doubt that effective CI security calls for a wide range of protective measures to deal with current and evolving security issues ranging from cyber attacks to terrorism and environmental challenges. Whether it’s to power and fuel, road, rail, air and sea distribution networks or water and agriculture, the challenge remains to maintain the safety of assets that are critical to society and the economy.

Responding to false alarms by sending manned response units, dog patrols, fire crews or unmanned drones, is a considerable drain on resources and may leave other areas vulnerable to threats.

The Solution

InDetect, our Intrusion Detection System protects critical infrastructure such as electricity substations, water reservoirs, diesel tanks, oil rigs, gas pipelines, container terminals and telecom towers by detecting interference with, or intrusion into, access points such as vertical doors, access doors and hatches, tank lids, covers and gates.

InDetect utilizes a range of commercially available, off-the-shelf sensors to detect and verify intrusions that are then transmitted to manned event logging Alarm Receiving Centers and mobile personnel. False alarms are minimised by incorporating multiple sensors and technology-based sequential verification that removes or reduces human operator fallibility in interpreting a potential alarm.

The unique wireless or wired design translates into a rapidly installed, low running cost, technically superior solution able to operate in the most hostile environments, including extreme temperatures and humidity.

InDetect in action


  • Detects tampering at access points – drilling, grinding, sawing
  • Distinguishes between threats and environmental conditions – heavy rain, hail, sandstorms etc.
  • No reliance on human interpretation to determine threat
  • Tested and approved by the UK and USA security services
  • Wireless technology eliminates expense of hard wiring
  • Easy installation on any access point


  • Eliminate costly false alarms
  • Manpower deployed only when needed
  • Reduced security costs
  • Rapid deployment with no down time

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Temperatures have ranged from –12ºC (10ºF) to 32ºC (90ºF), and the system experienced conditions ranging from snow and ice to blazing sunshine. The system has operated flawlessly.

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC)

The system successfully uses sophisticated software algorithms to eliminate unwanted false alarms potentially caused by inclement weather or normal unthreatening animal or human activity. It was also noted that no alarms were generated by vibration from freight trains operating on the nearby railway track throughout the trial.

Vitens Water

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