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Predictive analytics in the Utility sector

Predictive analytics in the Utility sector

Predictive analytics are already well used in marketing, banking and retail sectors but utilities is an area where it can also add real value.

The introduction of new technology like smart grids mean data is being generated but may not be being analysed. Actionable insights could be gained from reviewing and analyzing this data.

Monitoring of individual or strings of components or hardware can assist in predicting failures before they bring down a network, enabling maintenance and repairs to be implemented in a ‘just-in-time’ approach, or when crews are in the area, creating an efficient deployment of staff and resources as well as reducing down time for customers.

Customer data can also provide valuable insights into usage, likely peaks and troughs in demand and, even, payment behaviors giving finance a ‘heads up’ on customers more likely to struggle or at risk of defaulting on payments.

Our Sensorcore smart sensoring platform and suite of product solutions is a low-cost, scalable and proven solution to protection of critical infrastructure, incorporating real-time data gathering and analytics via a user-friendly dashboard.

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