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Introducing the Sentir S2.1 manhole monitoring system

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Introducing the Sentir S2.1 manhole monitoring system

An Entry-Level Manhole Monitoring System

The S2.1 provides an effective means of monitoring a manhole infrastructure and provides instant alerts of manhole flooding, manhole lid removal or accidental manhole cover displacement.

Manhole flooding due to excess surface drainage during storms or due to sewage surcharge can cause considerable public nuisance, health hazard and danger if the manhole lid is lifted during flooding. Manhole lid removal due to theft or vandalism poses a public hazard in addition to the cost of intervention and replacement.

CNIguard Sentir ST3.0 manhole monitoring system

The S2.1 is mounted on the underside of a manhole lid using industrial strength magnets or bespoke bracketry and is housed in a robust, IP68 enclosure. An internal accelerometer is used for movement detection.

Flood sensing is optionally provided via an external, cabled sensor that can be suspended or mounted at a desired height within the manhole.

Powered by a self-contained primary Lithium battery, the unit has a lifetime of up to 10 years under normal usage.

Signals are transmitted securely from the embedded device to a dashboard viewable using a standard browser on a laptop or mobile device.

Contact us about CNIguard’s Sentir S2.1 manhole monitoring system here.

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