Smart Grids

Smart Grids

The grid is a network of transmission lines, substations and transformers that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. Smart grids enable integrated two-way communication between utility companies and their customers allowing the electrical grid to respond quickly to changing demands for electricity.

Smart grids offer the prospect of “a new era of reliability, availability and efficiency” including benefits such as:

  • More efficient transmission of electricity
  • Quicker restoration after power disruption
  • Lower operation and management costs
  • Reduced peak demand
  • Increased integration of large-scale renewable energy
  • Better integration of customer-owner renewable power generation (homeowners and businesses using air source/ground source heat pumps, solar panels etc. for energy and returning power to the grid)
  • Improved national energy security

The transition to a low-carbon economy will involve major
changes to the way we supply and use energy. Transforming our electricity
system is the most important part of these changes. Smart grids will make
a key contribution to UK energy and climate goals.

Department of Energy & Climate Change

We have a range of proprietary sensoring products which protect and safeguard the electricity network, helping to meet the needs of the Smart Grid.

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