Overhead Line Monitoring System

Overhead Line Monitoring

Our Overhead Line Monitoring System (OHLMS) monitors the integrity of overhead conductors and poles used to distribute electricity. Scalable across vast distances, the OHLMS reduces exposure of both public and operators to danger, while improving standards of distribution performance with a faster response to attend site.

High voltage conductor cables may sag within reach of the public or general infrastructure due to faulty, aged or broken insulators or fixtures. Rotten or damaged poles may also allow cables to sag, remaining live and presenting serious and potentially fatal danger to the public. High winds and inclement weather can also adversely affect overhead power lines.

OHLMS will alert line sag beyond the safe limit, pole tilt beyond acceptable limits, line detachment, deflection of line due to contact by machinery (cherry picker, crane etc) or deflection of line due to contact with trees or branches.