In the aftermath of 9/11 and continuing global conflict, the security of the traveling public and safety of international transportation systems while ensuring freedom of movement and cross-border trade has become ever more challenging.

The movement of goods via the global supply chain system can be a humanitarian as well as commercial lifeline, business and leisure travellers rely on safe and secure transportation systems and protecting ports and airports is critical to the global economy.

Our systems deliver smarter, stronger and more effective solutions while facilitating legitimate travel, migration, and important international trade.

SENSORCORE® is a proprietary smart sensoring system with multi-purpose security and safety applications to protect the transport sector including:

  • CBRNE Detects accidental or deliberate safety and security breaches involving pollutants, biological agents, hazardous chemicals, toxins, smoke, and poisons.
  • IDS Detects intrusion into a range of access points to enhance safety and mitigate contamination, vandalism and theft.
  • MMS Monitors manholes to provide warning of stray and contact voltage and flooding, as well as to prevent vandalism and theft.
  • RSMS Monitors small to large potholes to mitigate damage to vehicles, reducing insurance claims for damage and personal injury.
  • TDS Detection and differentiation of pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes, cars and trucks on roads.