About Us

Brilliant solutions for safeguarding and strengthening the resilience of cities, infrastructure and populations

Protection of critical national infrastructure is a multi-trillion dollar marketplace with explosive opportunities for growth. CNIguard understands the mega-trends that are transforming this sector and creating  potential for business; possesses the intellectual property to offer highly cost-effective solutions and products to protect against destructive acts of man and nature; and has the access to generate huge sales and profits that are scalable across much if not all of this vast sector.

CNIguard and its products and solutions exploits this opportunity with its unique and protected SENSORCORE® technology platform that forms the basis for these highly cost effective solutions essential to the protection and safeguarding of critical national infrastructure.

With our Sensorcore modular platform as the hub, we are able to design smart sensoring solutions, build turnkey systems and deliver consultancy services including vulnerability assessments, prevention and protection, response and recovery and total project management.

We work closely with government and industry at policy and operational levels to deliver smart solutions to challenges faced by the water, electricity, oil & gas, chemical, telecommunications, education, healthcare, transportation and defense sectors worldwide.

GSA Contract Holder

CNIguard is a US GSA full-line Contract Vendor